Oldham MX 62

Mô tả

Tủ báo ga Oldham MX 62 có thể kết nối 8 tới 64 kênh đạt chứng nhận SIL2/SIL3
• OR, AND, NAND, VOTING logic for alarm
• Lên tới 128 relay báo động
• Hệ thống Redundant
The MX 62 is a digital and analog controller designed for measuring gases in the
atmosphere and more generally for processing any 4-20 mA analog or compatible
digital signal. The electronics are fully redundant from the analog inputs to the relay
outputs, for the high level of functional safety required by SIL3-certifed systems. The
MX 62 accepts different modules (analog inputs, relay outputs, analog outputs) that can
be installed at a distance of up to several hundred meters for increased system capacity
and flexibility.
Inputs: 4-20 mA, compatible digital detectors (OLCT 80 and T..W-EX)
Outputs: 4-20 mA, Relays, RS485 Modbus RTU and/or TCP/IP (optional)
Certifcations: CE • ATEX metrology • EAC • SIL2/SIL3