Oldham MX 52

Mô tả

Tủ báo ga Oldham MX 52 có thể kết nối từ 2 tới 16 kênh
• 3 chế độ báo động trên mỗi kênh
• Tiêu chuẩn lắp đặt dạng rack 19” 3U
• SIL2-certifed
The MX 52 controller allows the connection of up to 16 analog or Wheatstone Bridge
detectors. The device can be programmed from the front panel or using a computer.
The MX 52 controller is as safe as it is reliable, and has SIL2 certifcation. It has one 4-20
mA output per channel, two alarm relays per channel, one general alarm relay and one
fault relay.
Inputs: 4-20 mA, Wheatstone Bridge
Outputs: 34 relays (1 common gas, 1 common fault, 32 gas), 4-20 mA, RS485
Power supply: 21 to 31 Vcc and 207 to 244 Vac or 103 to 122 Vac
Indicators: Built-in audible and visual alarms
Certifcations: CE • ATEX metrology • EAC • SIL2