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Designed to measure gas velocity, the IM-TM turbine meter by Pietro Fiorentini incorporates an innovative method of conditioning flow in the meter body, within which a straightening section aligns the gas flow by removing undesired swirls and turbulence before they reach the turbine rotor.

Suitable for measuring non-corrosive, filtered and dry gases, including specialty gases, it is mainly used in high-pressure transmission systems and in medium and low pressure natural gas distribution networks.

IM-TM is Hydrogen Ready for NG-H2 blending.

Click here to see the product page in the 100% hydrogen version.


  • Body: hard anodized aluminium alloy or carbon steel
  • Body: Connections: ANSI 150/300/600 according to ASME B16.5, from PN16 to PN100 according to EN 1092-1
  • Working temperature: from -40 °C to +55 °C for steel body
  • Nominal diameters: from DN 50 to DN 200 for aluminum body, from DN 50 to DN 300 for carbon steel body
  • Minimum flow rate: 8 m3/h
  • Maximum flow rate: 6,500 m3/h