FT 518

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FT 518 is a lever-operated device for high and medium pressure with multiple replaceable orifice.

FT 518 is an unbalanced pressure regulator.

This regulator is suitable for use with previously filtered, non corrosive gases. It is a truly top entry design which allows an easy maintenance of parts directly in the field without removing the body from the pipework.

When the built-in token relief valve is active, it prevents undesiderable slam shut trip due to minor internal leakages or ambient temperature variation.

The modular design of FT 518 pressure regulators allows to retrofit either slam shut valve or integral full monitor.

This product is available on selected markets only. For further details, please contact your closest Pietro Fiorentini representative.


  • Accuracy class AC: up to 10 (depending on working conditions)
  • Nominal sizes DN: 3/4″, 1″, 2″
  • Lock-up pressure class SG: up to 20 (depending on working conditions)
  • Design pressure: up to 69.4 bar
  • Design temperature: from -40 °C to +60 °C
  • Connections: threaded NPT, flanged or SW (available soon)
  • Minimum differential pressure: 0.49 bar
  • Range of downstream pressure Wd: from 0.34 to 34 bar
  • Inlet pressure range bpu: from 1.4 to 69.4 bar